Uncle Moishy Plush Play-Pal

Really excited about creating the new “Uncle Moishy Plush Play-Pal.” A true honor from a legend.

Creating a plush toy with identity and appeal is always a challenge. Soft material is very limited in terms of detail. My 3 year old boy has been playing with the prototype for the last year and loved it, so for me that’s the best proof of concept. This will be a massively popular Chanukah present. Order one before they run out. Available on Uncle Moishy’s website

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Black Friday is In Your Head – An Essay

Black Friday.

People waiting in the cold all night. Lines winding around the block. Tents. Sleeping bags. And then…the moment everyone is waiting for.

The doors open and the mob rushes in. Eyes gawk in every direction. The tangled mass of human limbs and outstretched hands struggles towards the shelves.

What are they after? The latest camera? An amazing computer?

Pshaw and fiddlesticks!

Try this.

How does human body compares to modern technology? I did some basic research.

Presenting the Black Friday deal of a lifetime: YOUR HEAD!

Package includes:

  • Brain: Super-computer, 100 billion processor network, 2.5 petabytes HD.
  • Eyes: Advanced video cameras, 576 megapixels res, 7.5 million colors
  • Ears:  Advanced Integrated microphones, 20-20k herz.
  • Mouth: Integrated speaker, 120 decibel volume, frequency 175-700 herz.
  • Nose: 6 million smell receptors, detects up to 1 trillion odors.

What an incredible piece of technology! And all free! If this deal was on the store shelves you’d have lines miles long.

This Black Friday, wake up in the morning, look at that amazing technology staring back at you in the mirror, forget about the wrinkles, and jump for joy!

Don’t hit your head on the ceiling.

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Dirah Days

Memories. Latest Yated feature.

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Ink King

When you’re in the creative zone, go a little nuts.What better way to practice inking than with an ink king?

“The Ink King” – India ink on watercolor paper.

#inktober (Inktober is a world-wide artist movement that promotes ink drawing during the month of October.)

Ink King

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