Welcome to YJ Studios
Illustration and Design
Beautiful Books
We put heaps of talent and experience into your book. We also put in our soul.
Soul behind cover flap. You have to look for it.
Perfect Products
We won't rest until your product is picture perfect.
Then we rest.
Creative Comics
Thousands of children all over the USA eagerly wait for their parents to finish reading our comics each month.
C'mon parents!
Phenomenal Posters
Our posters will knock your socks off.
Socks included for reasonable fee
Fine Art
It's fine. It's art. What's not to like?

YJ Studios is the perfect source for authors, manufacturers, media/design firms, and individuals in need of custom illustration. Our team can produce a variety of styles. Specialties include children's book illustration, product design and packaging, crafts, games, dolls, character design, comics, coloring books, posters, vector illustration,  promotional items, magazine and newspaper illustration, and educational programing.

Portfolio Sample

View our full portfolio here: Books, Illustration, Art, Design

Partial Client List

Israel Book Shop
Judaica Press
The Jewish Home
Judaic Gems
Zion Judaica

Rifki Schonfeld
Yated Ne'eman
Chai Lifeline
Aviv Judaica
Ner Mitzvah

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