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Style and Price Guide

Prices for illustration work depend on the style of illustration, complexity, size, and number of images, and complexity of the development process. The first step in any project is deciding on a style appropriate for the project's goals and budget. Once the style, size, and basic contents of the image are clarified I proceed to give an estimated price range that will cover the cost of the full job, from sketches to final, as well as a time frame for completing the project.

The initial deposit required is enough to cover the sketch stage. After the sketch is approved a second deposit follows for half of the remaining estimate. The final payment on the remaining balance is paid after approval of the final finished image. This method makes things easier for all parties.

Use the style guide below to get a better idea of what style is closest to what you have in mind for your image. If you can't find something here close to what you are picturing be aware that you can send me a sample of any illustration similar to the style you would like to use. You can drag and drop this guide onto your desktop, or click here for a higher-res version.

style guide