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The Royal Rescue

Rabbi Shmuel Kunda Ztz"l was a creative legend in his time.
It was an honor to pay tribute to his legacy with this richly illustrated book.
Author: R' Shmuel Kunda  Publisher: Judaica Press
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A Treasure for the Princess

A Treasure for the Princess is a unique book that teaches children about
the Jewish laws of modesty through a musical tale and beautiful illustration.
Produced by Ilana Keilson for Bnos Bais Yaakov.  Publisher: Judaica Press
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The Middosman Series

Middosman is about  teaching kids good character traits in a warm,
exciting way. Four volumes later, Middosman is now a popular sensation.
Author: Esther Ornstein  Publisher: IsraelBookShop
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The "My Friend" Series

"My Friend the..." is a series of high-quality, educational books teaching children social
and emotional skills in a clear, relatable manner through story and illustration.
Author: Rifka Schonfeld  Publisher: Feldheim
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Spotlight Magazine Front Covers

Spotlight magazine is a  popular Jewish children's magazine with thousands of young readers. It is published monthly. From its inception in 2013, YJ Studios has been proud to be the primary provider of art and illustration for the magazine's covers, comics, stories, and features.
 Publisher: M. Zeig

Spotlight Magazine Features and Back Covers

Spotlight magazine's "What's wrong" back covers are a popular feature. Other features provided by YJ Studios include the popular Effie Comic, Gladdy and Grumpy Comic, Spot illustrations, and serial stories like The Road to Mont Royal.
 Publisher: M. Zeig

Passover Haggadah

Children's Village of Jerusalem is a rehabilitative home away from home for disadvantaged children. YJ Studios has been fortunate to help this worthy cause through illustration of promotional books, such as this stylish Passover Haggadah.

Hebrew Language Guide

Children's Village of Jerusalem  continued including YJ Studios creativity in their promotional success with this whimsical Hebrew language guide.


Bashevkin is a collection of clever reason and rhyme.
This was YJ Studios' book illustration - for the very first time.
Author: Chaim Bashevkin  Publisher: Feldheim

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