Mishpacha Magazine YJ Studios Interview

I am grateful to Mishpacha Magazine, and to writer/interview Mrs. Rachel Bachrach in particular, for this interview about my illustration studio. It was fun, and hopefully informative for those wishing to know more about the illustration profession. Mrs. Bachrach did an outstanding job of asking the right questions and reformulating my answers into a professional easy to read article. I am especially grateful that they kept in (a good chunk) of the jokes.

mishpacha magazine interview YJ Studios page 1 mishpacha magazine interview YJ Studios page 2mishpacha magazine interview YJ Studios page 3

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New Book: My Friend the Worrier

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 12.11.03 PMAvailable now at Feldheim

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New Book: MiddosMan Book 3 Being Happy for Others- Coming Soon

MiddosMan happy cover

Will be available very soon at Israel Book Shop. Lots of fun illustrating this amusement park/water-front environment. Great music/story CD as well.

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Shoe-lace Bug (brush-strokes do not taper) in PS CC-2014 on Mac Yosemite

Recently I have switched to Mac I currently run Yosemite 10.10.3 on a late 2013 27 inch I-mac, 32 gb memory and I work on a Cintiq 24hd. There is still a major issue with line quality in Photoshop and this time I believe it is a Photoshop-Yosemite compatibility issue and Wacom is not at fault. The issue is the notorious shoe-lace bug effect that ruins the end of pressure sensitive lines. Basically the pressure sensitivity does not smoothly taper off to zero as you lift your pen at the end of the line and instead remains at a minimal amount adding an ugly “shoe-lace” at the end of the lineShoe-lace bug

This effect does not exist in PS5 however in PS6 there was a different bug in a delay between the scroll ring and scrolling. Adobe provided a White Window Workaround plugin. This Plugin solved the delay problem and re-introduced the shoe-lace bug problem.

In PS CC2014 Adobe seems to have integrated the White Window plugin into the software. They have solved the delay problem and cemented the shoe-lace problem into the software. I have tested extensively with different Wacom drivers. They are not the source of this problem. I have spoken to friends and they told me that this problem did not exist in Mavericks. It is clearly a Photoshop- Yosemite compatibility issue. For Windows users they can use Lazy Nezumi to solve this issue but it does not work for Mac. I think many artists especially Mac users who can not use Lazi Nezumi would appreciate more control over the brush smoothing settings in Photoshop. It is really high time to update the very minimal current smoothing options.

A separate Yosemite bug in Cs5 is that if you color sample the frame/ border outside the page Photoshop crashes.

Also I have noticed that PS5 brush engine is actually lightly smoother, faster and more responsive than later PS versions and is currently the best (and only) option for inking in PS on a mac because of the shoe-lace issue.

Interesting that Will Terry has also found cs5 to be smoothest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ic_4YVDptXo

If you turn off smoothing the bug will disappear and instead the taper will be smooth but short (still not as nice as cs5 longer pressure sensitive taper) The problem is that then your curves will appear jagged so there is no solution as of now in CS6 and up.smoothing offsee this post for more on resolving line smoothing issues in PS and Wacom


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