Life Imitating Spotlight Magazine Cover

Spotlight cover and lag ba'omerLife imitating art in Jerusalem tonight.
Looking through pics of Lag Baomer in Israel:
I came across an image that uncannily reminds me of the cover I just did for Spotlight Magazine. I used general reference when I did the cover but nothing like this. They even got the kids in the striped shirts right.

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Spotlight Magazine Cover 28 process

Concept – Rough – Final:

Initial conceptRough 128 final front cover

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Spot The Litvak

As soon as I saw these “Spot the…” games becoming popular I knew I had to do this smile emoticon

How long did it take you? (No cheating and zooming allowed)

spot the litvak copyI’ve been “that guy” by more than one Tish (or Hasidic gathering) btw. Super fun. For those who are unfamiliar: “Litvak” refers to Jews from Lithuanian (or nearby) descent. They often have different traditional dress than Hasidic tradition. A Litvak man might be clean shaven with a down brim hat and tie, while someone from Hasidic tradition might wear a fur hat called a “shtreimel.” Ultimately, we are all Jews regardless of our dress or tradition. But it is fun to laugh at ourselves and our “differences” once in a while.

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New Purim cover for Spotlight magazine Watch Mordechai and Esther turn over into Haman and Zeresh

Designing and painting this cover was lots of fun. Flip over the picture and Mordechai and Esther turn into some other well known characters for a Purim surprise. Show your kids, share with others and enjoy:Mordechai and Esther Purim Spotlight cover turnover  pictureHaman and Zeresh Purim Spotlight cover  turnover picture

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