Trump Hair Cartoons Caricatures

A man and his hair. Up next: a woman and her pantsuit.

Donald Trump caricatures

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Life Imitating Spotlight Magazine Cover

Spotlight cover and lag ba'omerLife imitating art in Jerusalem tonight.
Looking through pics of Lag Baomer in Israel:
I came across an image that uncannily reminds me of the cover I just did for Spotlight Magazine. I used general reference when I did the cover but nothing like this. They even got the kids in the striped shirts right.

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Spotlight Magazine Cover 28 process

Concept – Rough – Final:

Initial conceptRough 128 final front cover

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Images: The New Words

I was interviewed this past week, along with the legendary Gadi Pollack, in the Binah Magazine Pesach edition regarding my thoughts on the rise of comics in the frum world. The talented Batya Ruddell conducted the interview.

One of the questions she asked me was what I thought the drawbacks of comics might be. I replied:

“From an educational perspective, one has to wonder if too much visual medium like comics and videos in place of books will encourage young people’s increasing lack of interest in those annoying, squiggly black marks sometimes referred to as “words.”
Why should they work to imagine something when the comic, animator or video producer will imagine for them?”

Agree or disagree?

Binah 1Binah 2Binah 3

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