Zion’s New Light – Painting

new-light-of-zion-paintingYom Kippur Daydreams.

Ohr Chadash Al Tzion Tairshine a new light on Zion and may we all merit it’s light”

Painting depicts Jerusalem and the rebuilt Bais Hamidkash and Zion in the times of Messiah/Moshiach.

(Please ask if you want to use any art from this site)

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Lake Scene Painting

lake scene 4

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New Illustrated Book! The Royal Rescue by Rabbi Shmuel Kunda Z”L


Proud to introduce a newly illustrated book by YJ Studios: The Royal Rescue by Rabbi Shmuel Kunda Z”L. It was an honor to illustrate this book based on the exciting audio tale by the inimitable R’ Shmuel Kunda of blessed memory.

The style used was exceptionally rich and painterly – befitting a beloved classic. Creating “Disney” level quality illustration was a YJ Studios team effort. From original concept, sketching, and art direction¬† by yours truly, to dynamic development by Nachman D., and outstanding painting by Leah H., the whole YJ Studios team is proud of this extraordinary accomplishment.

Much hatzlacha to the Kunda family, and congratulations on honoring the legacy of their father with this high quality, laminated, instant-classic. The book reads nicely along with the CD, which can be purchased separately.

Available at your local Judaica store and online at:



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Easy Color Composition

If you struggle with color composition and theory this is a simple 1-2-3 tutorial to great color.color recipe3

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