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Old and young holding hands illustration

old hand holding young illustrationI made this for an essay I wrote about the passing  of my grandmother Mrs Rose Ort A’H this past year. It will be published soon on

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man banging spoon on headWhen I was a little boy in summer camp my brother would bang on the table with his spoon. The head counselor would yell “Bang on your head Judowitz!”

It is only with age that I realize the full genius of his advice. Just another example of how adults do know best. Indeed most of life’s problems could easily be solved this way.

Spread the word and help save the world – one spoon banged head at a time.

spoonbang color

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Cat conductor – quick sketch

cat conductor

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Crazy Old Man Pointing Drawing

After a full day of drawing pretty flowers and rainbows for a kids book something was bound to give. (Love my new grunge/watercolor brushes see last post):

crazy old man pointing drawing

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