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Steve Jobs Death Cartoon, Number One on the Net

Here is a color version of the Steve Jobs death cartoon.

The black and white version from the last post is now number one on Google results for “Steve Jobs death cartoon.” It’s amazing that I can draw a quick “something” in my studio and within two days it has already been viewed by thousands of people around the world. I have received views from places as diverse as Iran and Israel. I think this says something about the profound effect Steve’s magic and positivity had on people all over the world, regardless of  race or creed.

It’s something worth thinking about.

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Steve Jobs Death Cartoon

Steve Jobs death cartoon

My thoughts, in art.

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Free Jonathan Pollard Poster, Copyrights, and “Fair Use”




It’s time for President Obama to free Jonathan Pollard!

I am not sure about the copyrights to this poster (that I made) because the artwork is based on a widely distributed news photo.

Also check out/use  this free article I wrote on Obama’s trip to Israel and Pollard

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The “Bloombergyness” of Mike Bloomberg

A comparative study:

The essence of caricature design and most other art is all about capturing the essence of a subject.

In the picture on the left I began drawing  randomly  as an exercise in pen and ink, just having fun with the facial muscles and the strong zygomatic formations. As I developed it further I began to get a nagging feeling in the back of my head that someone familiar was lurking in that lopsided smirk.

Suddenly, it hit me like a surprise parking ticket, the mystery smirker was none other than the  illustrious mayor, Mike Bloomberg. That smirk with the long upper lip and bony, almost mask-like facial structure is the defining  Bloombergyness of Mike Bloomber

Don’t get me wrong, I like Bloomberg as a mayor, but like most politicians, there is a certain mask-like plastic quality to his face, not that there’s anything wrong with that, as I can’t imagine any actual human of flesh and soul that would willingly be a politician.

Bottom Line: Everyone and everything has certain identifying features, expressions, and postures that together make a visual identity or signature. An artist must learn to identify, define, and articulate that identity.

Update: Really funny: Daily News has article about Pharoah Bloomberg. Perfect!


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