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Women Vote For Romney Cartoon

Women For Romney Cartoon

Here’s why I think Romney will win.

The moms of America are looking for someone who can help their adult kids who graduated college and are back home in their childhood bedrooms, bored and depressed, find jobs. Plain and simple. They don’t need grand ideological agendas right now, just someone who’s good at finance and will focus on the economy like a laser beam.

And yes, Mom does know best.

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Obamacare Supreme Court Ruling/Decision Cartoon – Dr Roberts

obamacare supreme court ruling decision cartoon

Here is my take on the astonishing Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare today. Click the picture for a detailed view.

Many thanks to the Beatles of course. “Dr Robert” is a song from the 1966 Beatles “Revolver” album about a Doctor who can proscribe just about anything when it comes to health-care. Here are some of the lyrics:

“Doctor Robert
He’s a man you must believe
Helping anyone in need
No  one can succeed like
Doctor Robert

Well, well, well, you’re feeling  fine
Well, well, well, he’ll make you
Doctor Robert

My friend  works for the National Health
Doctor Robert
Don’t pay money just to see  yourself
Doctor Robert”

Check out the rest of the lyrics here: They are amazingly relevant when you think about what happened with Chief Justice Roberts today.

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Pharaoh Bloomberg Cartoon Caricature

pharoah bloomberg cartoon

I made this caricature of King Bloomberg a while ago. Funny how it has a “Pharaoh” like feel to it.

This has suddenly become an issue when an honorable heckler called the mayor “Pharaoh,” causing City Council Speaker Christine Quinn to walk out of a press conference. (see  the NYT  article)

Is he a Pharaoh?

Well, if his underlings are so scared of him that they have to walk out of a public meeting because some commoner  had the audacity to heckel “his majesty” then  I guess he is somewhat Pharaoh like.

Not to mention that he basically wrapped the entire NYC in parking tickets. Almost like an embalmed mummy when you think about it.

Here is the image I based it on:


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Conservative Anti- Occupy Wall Street Spoiled Brats Cartoon

conservative anti- occupy wall street protesters cartoon

This cartoon depicts the occupy wall street protesters as a mixture of spoiled brats and useful idiots. This is my ( somewhat) humble opinion. I just don’t feel a genuine vibe from these people. There are some points to be made about the bailouts, but it has nothing to do with these protesters. If anything, by monopolizing this issue in such an immature self-centered fashion, they have destroyed any chance of serious, helpful discussion.

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