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Sketchbook Stuff #1

These sketches used to hang out in my head.

Then they started to hang out in my sketchbook.

Now they’ll hang out in your head as well.


disney beauty and the beast  house sketch

uncle sam cartoon

peru man cartoon

dancers in motion sketch

imaginary tower sketch

(the house sketch  is based on a cottage from a Disney film )


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Interactive Hanukkah – Chanukah Game for

Find Danny and Dina Chanukah Game

I had a great time creating this game. I created it for, the world’s most popular Jewish website which averages several million hits each month. Go to to play the interactive version and see a speed video of how it was created.

I am fortunate to have been able to collaborate with the exceptionally talented and dedicated people who run that website.

Don’t forget to sign up for the automatic emails to this site so you can see my new art whenever I post it, and learn new drawing and painting techniques. The sign-up box is on the top right of this page. They will send you a confirmation email after you sign up; don’t forget to click on it. It’s free.

All you need is your email and a password, no information is kept, and you will not be sent anything other than posts from this art blog.

Happy Chanukah to all!!!

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Conservative Anti- Occupy Wall Street Spoiled Brats Cartoon

conservative anti- occupy wall street protesters cartoon

This cartoon depicts the occupy wall street protesters as a mixture of spoiled brats and useful idiots. This is my ( somewhat) humble opinion. I just don’t feel a genuine vibe from these people. There are some points to be made about the bailouts, but it has nothing to do with these protesters. If anything, by monopolizing this issue in such an immature self-centered fashion, they have destroyed any chance of serious, helpful discussion.

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Cartoon Rabbi Demo Painting Video

Here’s a demo painting, or what is better known as a “speed painting”, of a cartoon rabbi I created. I painted this digitally in Photoshop on my Wacom Cintiq and captured it with a free screen capture program called Camstudio. Then I edited it in Windows Movie Maker,  posted it to my Youtube channel, and  embedded it here. The actual painting time was about 10 minutes. It’s as simple as that. (Here’s a different version of the video for those who can’t view Youtube, click on the link and windows media player should open and play it: how to draw a cartoon rabbi face )

Here’s a more finished version of one of the many characters hopping around my head.

digital painting cartoon rabbi















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