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SpotLight for Kids Magazine Issue 2 art

I’m happy to report that the new SpotLight for Kids magazine did very well with their first issue. Here’s the art for the coming one. It shows a family cleaning the house for Passover where we get rid of all unleavened bread and bread products. It is at a somewhat lower res than real thing with a placeholder title. The actual cover will be cropped to make the house bigger so more details are seen) Last chance for changes…I love doing the “what’s wrong with this picture” version which goes on the back cover – so much fun!

cover sketch 2 magazine 2 whats wrong comic month 2

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Weird Head Record Holder

I think this now is a contender for all time weirdest head. Maybe this can be used for the famous “smoking is glamorous” campaign.weird head painting

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Weird Head Picture #1,254,633

head 1334637

” O’est Un Rude Lapin”

It was obviously very important for the title of this picture to be in French. It means “A most plucky fellow” according to the 1878 NYT article on French colloquialisms that I found. Perfect. My 3 year old son now has a copy proudly hanging right next to his pillow. “It’s not a monster tatty, it’s only a picture of a monster.” This next generation is so much smarter than we are, we’ll never keep up.

Tonight’s custom illustrated bedtime story was about this character ( Big Boris) who lives in the castle from the previous blog entry (which hangs over my daughters bed) as an assistant (“like your morah has an assistant,”) to the king.

At this point the letter that Big Boris was supposed to deliver together with the prince /protagonist ( “like your morah has a protagonist,”) has been lost on the journey to the land of islands while they were struggling to push the royal carriage up the mountain (“not that type of carriage, Shlomo, actually, yes, definitely yes, Boris and the prince were being pushed in a big royal baby carriage up the mountain, much better”)

As my kids know already – “and then, just like that, it was GONE,” is right before the good part, so stay tuned…

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BMG Israel Raffle 2013 Art

bmg 2I was privileged to create the art this year for the annual Beth Medrash Govoha fly to Israel raffle campaign.

Beth Medrash Govoha is the largest Rabbinical Seminary in the world outside of Israel, with over 6,500 students. I am a graduate of BMG.

The cartoon “family” that appears in the ad was originally created by the renowned Israeli artist Gadi Pollack.

Some of the art in this illustration is based on my memories of studying at the Mir Yeshiva in Israel.

In particular I remember a cleaners called “Whitesheep” next to the Mir Yeshiva. In this illustration I changed it to “Whitefish” which is the word sheep backward in Hebrew. There are some other references as well if you look closely.

I choose the theme of a Meah Shearim Hachnasas Sefer Torah because it encapsulates for me the experience of Israel.

The sky turns  shades of pink and gold and the torches glow light up the smiling faces of the children. The music rises and falls, winding through the narrow streets ahead  of the swaying dancers – there is a deep sense of peace and joyous closeness with G-d.

* Trivia Question: What time of the year does this must this picture depict?


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