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Cartoon Rabbi Demo Painting Video

Here’s a demo painting, or what is better known as a “speed painting”, of a cartoon rabbi I created. I painted this digitally in Photoshop on my Wacom Cintiq and captured it with a free screen capture program called Camstudio. Then I edited it in Windows Movie Maker,  posted it to my Youtube channel, and  embedded it here. The actual painting time was about 10 minutes. It’s as simple as that. (Here’s a different version of the video for those who can’t view Youtube, click on the link and windows media player should open and play it: how to draw a cartoon rabbi face )

Here’s a more finished version of one of the many characters hopping around my head.

digital painting cartoon rabbi















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A Holocaust Survivor and Numbers on an Arm Drawing

holocaust survivor drawing

 You’re in Tel Aviv in a small grocery shopping for bread and yogurt. You notice an old man shopping next to you. Short and unassuming, he chooses his fruit with care, slowly turning each one over and over with his time-worn hands. It’s only when he reaches for an avacado in the back of the bin that you notice the numbers on his arm. In one moment you can see the pain and beauty, the humbleness and strength of this unique group of human beings we call Holocaust survivors. How many are left?

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Scary Forest Painting


Someone once told me the scariest thing you can meet in a forest is a clown. He’s probably right.

I made this picture a while ago using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.  Each one of these programs has unique features that are useful for illustration. More on that in another post. (Also: note the signature swirls)

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Jewish Artists and Figure Painting

digital painting  casual man by ocean

Judaism is iconophobic.

One of the central tenets of our religion is a rejection of idolatry as expressed through statues and graven images of people, planets, and things. How then can a Jewish artist paint a human figure? The answer is not that simple and there are varying opinions.

The basic approach is that there is a distinction between graven, and carved imagery, as opposed to flat, two dimensional, paintings. The vast majority of Jewish households today do have pictures and images of people. There are, however, varying opinions.

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