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Fantasy Tower Painting – With Fish

Fantasy tower with fish.

Here is a color version of the Fantasy Tower. Obviously it needed fish and an evil whale. See below for a very rough version of a short animation (it needs work but it’s an interesting concept) .

Fantasy Tower in color

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Grungy Fantasy Tower Drawing

Here’s my first drawing for 2013. Just fooling around.  I added the blimp to give it a little steampunk flavor. It could use some more work on the foreground. Hopefully there will be a color version coming soon.

Grungy Fantasy Tower Drawing

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Crazy Old Man Pointing Drawing

After a full day of drawing pretty flowers and rainbows for a kids book something was bound to give. (Love my new grunge/watercolor brushes see last post):

crazy old man pointing drawing

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Best Photoshop Pencil Imitation Brush

I just found a really awesome Photoshop brush that imitates pencil very well.

It’s much more complex than standard “pencil” brushes and uses dual brush and other good stuff. Download it at this site for free: Some really amazing brushes there. Load it into your tool presets window.

Here is a quick sketch I did with the brush. I used it at a large size (30pt) so it’s hard to see the texture but it has a great natural feel:

Scary beard face sketchHere are some links to some of the best photoshop brushes on the net for digital painting all by top professionals ( this is worth years of research):

My main brushes consist of these: (amazing basic , plus cloud, glow, hair, very good foundation)

with various extras from these:  (bristels and texture) (light rays) (lush grass brush)

extras worth exploring: (link to several top notch collections) ( sign up for his newsletter to get these. some nice texture brushes)

• Check this post for an in-depth exploration of my digital painting brushes.

• Check this post for great texture and color resources.

Like these brushes? Comment and tell me about some good one’s that you use.


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