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Chinese Fantasy Tree Drawing

Only fifteen left book coverThis popular book by Matt Fing Shui features a fantasy chinese tree drawing on the cover.

Aside from the fact that the book doesn’t exist, and never will, it is well worth reading. Curl up with a nice imaginary  cup of steaming hot ginsing tea. Stare mindlessly through the imaginary steam at the imaginary snow outside your imaginary window, and enjoy.

I particularly liked the part with the  stuff, and so on such.

Here is the drawing by itself click for detail:

Chinese Fantasy Tree Drawing


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Man in the middle illustration

man in the middle book cover illustrationThis is another (fake) book cover. This time by the infamous Franz Czekler. Created mostly with sharpie marker.

I think I am going to make a book of fake book covers with a fake book review based on each cover.

I have also gotten quit a bit of wonderful random word spam recently. The spammers use algorithms to create comments with words vaguely related and often not at all related to the posts. See this inspiring example from one of my previous posts composed by the honorable poet; Beats for Dr Dre. The results are often very amusing, almost like modern free association poetry.

I think I will start saving some to intersperse with the book reviews.

I hope you have found the man in the middle by now – just stare at the center, he’s staring back.

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Fantasy Tower Painting – With Fish

Fantasy tower with fish.

Here is a color version of the Fantasy Tower. Obviously it needed fish and an evil whale. See below for a very rough version of a short animation (it needs work but it’s an interesting concept) .

Fantasy Tower in color

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Grungy Fantasy Tower Drawing

Here’s my first drawing for 2013. Just fooling around.  I added the blimp to give it a little steampunk flavor. It could use some more work on the foreground. Hopefully there will be a color version coming soon.

Grungy Fantasy Tower Drawing

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