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Fantasy Tower Painting – With Fish

Fantasy tower with fish.

Here is a color version of the Fantasy Tower. Obviously it needed fish and an evil whale. See below for a very rough version of a short animation (it needs work but it’s an interesting concept) .

Fantasy Tower in color

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Cartoon Rabbi Demo Painting Video

Here’s a demo painting, or what is better known as a “speed painting”, of a cartoon rabbi I created. I painted this digitally in Photoshop on my Wacom Cintiq and captured it with a free screen capture program called Camstudio. Then I edited it in Windows Movie Maker,  posted it to my Youtube channel, and  embedded it here. The actual painting time was about 10 minutes. It’s as simple as that. (Here’s a different version of the video for those who can’t view Youtube, click on the link and windows media player should open and play it: how to draw a cartoon rabbi face )

Here’s a more finished version of one of the many characters hopping around my head.

digital painting cartoon rabbi















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