Computer Chess Cartoon

15110365_10154881390939742_3579770883508270243_o Here’s a chess cartoon I once made. I am posting it in honor of the great chess champion Magnus Carlsen’s recent victory. Anyone get it?

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4 Responses to Computer Chess Cartoon

  1. Craig Kuehl says:

    I think I get it and I’m not even a chess player. The “winning” computer and the losing computer have each forecast the moves without actually moving a piece.

  2. eclecticos says:

    The trouble is that no one — not even today’s supercomputers — knows whether you should have drawn this with the White player announcing checkmate instead!

    • Yoel says:

      True. I was thinking about that. I like the visual feel of one computer declaring preemptive checkmate, but for accuracy I am thinking of revising it to both declaring preemptive checkmate at the same time.

  3. whocares says:

    It should be White announcing checkmate. If both computers played the most exact chess in history, the best black could hope for is a draw, because white holds the initiative from the first move (and likely wouldn’t lose it)

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