Women Vote For Romney Cartoon

Women For Romney Cartoon

Here’s why I think Romney will win.

The moms of America are looking for someone who can help their adult kids who graduated college and are back home in their childhood bedrooms, bored and depressed, find jobs. Plain and simple. They don’t need grand ideological agendas right now, just someone who’s good at finance and will focus on the economy like a laser beam.

And yes, Mom does know best.

*Feel free to use this cartoon as long as you post a link back to my website.

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  1. Marilyn says:

    You are so right. I don’t even care about all the other “stuff” out there right now–JOBS. THAT’S what it’s about. For now. It will take a while to get this train back on track–it’s what we must concentrate on. Once the economy is straightened out, IT can become a secondary issue… Thanks for speaking for many of us Moms for Romney out there.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yoel, it’s been said by many persons here: Romney may talk about jobs; he’ll say whatever you want to hear. But look at his record: Bain Capital didn’t create jobs and it wasn’t Romney’s interest (but it could have been). Say what you like, think what you like, but as Governor of Massachusetts, he didn’t create jobs. And he could have done it. But he didn’t. He’s one kind of businessman but not the kind you want. The Republican governors have axed about half a million jobs. Great for your thesis, eh? Look at Obama. He’s not a businessman but he’s worked at jobs and he’s pretty sensible. Look at Obama: GM and Chrysler back to work. Half a million jobs created and still going. Money to those out of work; meals at school for their kids. I’m sorry that persons close to you have not found the jobs that they want and were trained to do. But they are working, and that, in my experience is the way to do it. I would advise any person who wants a job to take a job at lower pay until they get what they want. I’ll bet that some of your people are doing better than you’ve portrayed them right now. Obama’s got the right idea. Aaron Horowitz.

  2. Lisa M. says:

    Sorry, Romney knows how to make money – not give college grad’s a job. As a matter of fact at Bain he actively participated in shipping jobs overseas thus contributing to the current problem!
    If any of you Mom’s have daughters you should re-think supporting a man that would immediately turn back the hands of time on ALL women’s issues – especially healthcare! Obama is not at all perfect, but he cares about the 99%!

  3. Man with college graduate daughter at home says:

    It is sad to see how you fight against your own interests and the interests of your family.

    Why don’t you acknowledge that your T party Republican friends have REPEATEDLY voted against several jobs acts in Congress, they have failed to pass a national budget for 3 years causing the loss of 600,000 government jobs, and almost ruined the credit rating of the United States. All for the sole purpose of defeating this President. The Republican extremist behavior could fairly be called treason. It’s at least anti-American.

    My daughter just graduated from an Ivy League college and had a job offer from an important government agency which was cancelled because their head count is frozen due to the budget circus in Washington brought on by your friend Lyin Ryan.

    She didn’t blame the President who brought the Dow Jones stock index back from the 50% level in 2008. She went out to campaign for President Obama.

    Romney and Ryan are condescending liars and social equivalents of an American Taliban in their social policies.

    Wake up!

  4. Dee says:

    Romney will squeeze the middle class to get his cronies more tax breaks. Do you realize that 17% of the deficit is due to two wars and the tax breaks for the rich? Do you realize that Romney plans to cut Pell grants? Do you realize that Romney does not believe in equal pay for women? President Obama saved this country from a depression. The stock market is doing better than it has in many years, housing is stablized, we’re gaining jobs instead of losing jobs, our children can remain on our health plans until they’re 26, the war in Iraq has ended and Afghanistan is drawing down. All this and much more without support from Congress. Things are not as bad as Republican politicians would have you think so maybe you should redraw your cartoon. Romney could care less about the middle class – all he wants is to be President so he can be king of his planet when he dies.

    • Thank you all for your comments, and for the 700 views this cartoon has the first day I put it up.

      Allow me to rant my response as to why I made this cartoon:

      Quote previous comment: “Things are not as bad as Republicans would have you think”

      Who should I tell that to?
      Close family member #1 who spent 7 years in college graduated with a masters at the top of her class, spent 2 years looking for a job and gave up because there was ZERO jobs available in her field!
      Close family member #2, also brilliant, spent years in college, graduated 1.5 years ago at the top of the class, same story NADA available , works at a part time job, half the pay she deserves!
      Close family member #3 who went to back to law school at age 36, graduated at the top of his class last year and has been forced to try a private business in a totally unrelated field (a field that is doing very poorly and has major economic issues) because NOTHING is available!
      There are more.
      Let me repeat that, NOTHING! NADA! ZERO! Smart, capable, educated, motivated, graduates – Zilch!
      Or maybe I should tell that to the people in my art industry who I deal with every day and are DESPERATE! DESPERATE! for any way to keep their heads above water.


      You are exactly why I, and everyone else I know, will not vote for Obama this time. You and him either don’t get, or don’t care to get, that there is a fire burning around you. And yes this is exactly what’s happening all around the country. Ask around.

      In regards to who caused this mess- I don’t care.

      In regards to how to fix it.
      How do you get a car that’s stuck in deep snow back out on the road?
      Towing? Digging? Pushing? Pulling? Putting cardboard beneath the tires? Salt?
      Which One?

      Answer: IT’S NOT THE PLAN, IT’S THE MAN.

      You get someone experienced, who has shown himself capable of using available resources around him to solve complex problems, and most importantly will focus on this very difficult problem with a ferocious intensity and devotion. All over it, all day, 24×7, with every ounce of energy in his body.

      I want him walking, talking , eating, drinking, spitting; How Do I Get Them Jobs? When you cut his veins that’s what I want to bleed out: JOBS, JOBS, and more JOBS.

      Because that’s what it is going to take to get us out of this.

      Ask anyone who has accomplished something more challenging than community organizing, like building their own business for example. Ask them what they dream about at night.

      I think Romney will do exactly that, based on his disposition, business experience, and how I’ve seen his brain at work.

      Here is my problem with Obama. Here is his great sin.

      When he took office the fire had already begun to burn. That’s why he was elected. Instead of sounding the alarm, and focusing on the problem at hand, ie jobs and economy, he used his political capital, time and resources, loaned to him by the American people (and remember who ran congress back then) to promote a marginal partisan agenda i.e. Healthcare.

      How could such a smart person do such a foolish thing?
      This is a classic example of the tyrannical insidiousness of the “Win-Win.”

      There are few things I despise more than smart people who convince themselves that they can promote their own personal agenda and piggyback on other people’s time and resources because there is some tangental “Win” relationship with the other more pressing problem.

      The only thing I despise more than this are people who think that everyone around them are so stupid that they won’t see what’s going on, or (more commonly) because the error is so subtle, those around them won’t have the strength and articulate argument to stop them.

      Healthcare was not the burning issue of the day! Having Healthcare is not having a job, period!

      Obama was elected to put out the fire. He didn’t do it. He choose to get into the History books as the one who changed Healthcare. He would deal with the economy later, there was plenty of time, and Healthcare is Economy/job after all they both have letter “e’ in the word, and blah blah blah.

      He knew what he was doing. He knew that we knew what he was doing. He just thought he could get away with it because he had more time. Still on a high from the rocketship ascent to presidency he took a wild risk, and failed big time.

      The result of this petty thievery of American political capital was the disaster for the Democrats at the next congressional election.

      Has he payed enough for his sins?


      I believe, unfortunately, that the “Win-Win” disease is at the heart of his political modus operandi. It’s the way he has gotten ahead in life. He has used is at every opportunity to subtly attach personal agenda items beloved and valued by no on other than the extreme left, to real pressing issues. The result is the same as it often is for the “Win Win,” a total “Lose Lose.” Instead of real leadership and decision-making, The “Win-Win” parasite leeches out the energy and focus necessary to solve the real essential problem. That’s why he hasn’t fixed the economy, and that’s why he won’t if we give him more years.

      I will vote for Romney because I think he is superfocused, hyper-competent, and will not tire from the task at hand when the intellectual thrill of the challenge is gone. I also believe he cares less about promoting far right positions than Obama does at promoting far left ones, and will keep them at bay rather then actively promoting their positions.

      Whew! Thanks for letting me get that out.

      • Mitchell Zimmerman says:

        Have you heard the story about the fleeing thief who yells “stop, thief!” to confuse those who might intercept him? That’s the Republican Party. Two points. First, you cannot expect to understand how to get out of our current mess if you don’t understand how we got into it. Second, you are overly trusting, both in believing that Romney is more skilled at managing an entire economy than Obama (as opposed to being skilled at making himself rich) and more important in believing that he will act in the interests of most Americans. If, as the evidence suggests, his abiding loyalty is to the one percent, than don’t expect him to make things better for everyone else! For an account of the Republican plan to keep unemployment up for political purposes, see http://www.otherwords.org/articles/promoting_unemployment .

      • NYRegJD says:

        Wow. There’s a lot I could address in the above, but let’s keep it simple. You buy lock stock and barrel into the Republican narrative that on the day the President took office the financial crisis was “a fire beginning to burn”. My, what short memories you all believe we have.

        The financial crises wasn’t begining to burn in January 2009 it was a raging inferno about to consume the US financial system. We were litterally a very few months away from a consumer run on the banks. The short term commercial credit markets, the life blood of just about every enterprise bigger than an ice cream truck, were freezing up. It wasn’t a problem on the horizon that Obama could have addressed in a more timely manner, it was a full blown catastrophe.

        Don’t believe me? Ask John McCain, who thought the financial crisis was getting so bad in the fall of 2008 that he thought it was inappropriate to be campaigning for President.

        The first thing the President did wasn’t Obamacare. It was wrestle the crisis to the ground. He was working on it even before he took office. He gets criticism for not being tougher on the culture at the banks, and there’s truth in that. And by no means should any one person get all the credit. But the fact remains that he and his team put out the inferno. Much earth remains scorched, but the fire is out (Greece, Eurozone issues, different fire).

        My point? The idea that Obama is to blame for your close relations’ inability to find work is a false narrative that ignores the depth of the destruction caused by the crisis we faced. It also ignores what the President has tried to do that has been blocked by Congress, not just the Republican House but the Republican Senate minority prior to 2010. The stimulus bill was watered down by compromising with the Senate Republicans. Obama, it turned out naively, believed that compromise purchased the goodwill necessary to go back and get more stimulus when, as predicted, the first bill was too little to put the economy firmly back on its feet. Little did he realize he would be saddled with a Congress that has gotten less done than any in living memory.

        So, when you ask how we can support the President, know that it is because many of us look at the depth of what he faced in January 2009 and see more success than failure in what was accomplished. Is more needed? If you listen to what President Obama says, the answer is yes. To get it done, I’d rather have the President who was part of the solution to the biggest crisis since 1930’s than the guy who promises the same policies that got us into the crisis in the first place.

      • W Everett says:

        Haven’t you heard Mitt himself say, repeatedly, “Government does not create jobs!” He frequently reminds me of how G W Bush would often denigrate government. Why would anyone want a person who professed such beliefs to be in a position of responsibility? The legacy of the G W Bush presidency is a perfect example of what happens when such attitudes are proclaimed from the top.

      • rel says:

        Whew! Thanks for letting that out Yoel.

  5. Carole says:

    Romney does not know how to run an economy. All these people think he got rich so maybe some of that will rub off on him, right?

    He collected fees reorganizing other people’s businesses, then stashed all that money in Swiss and Cayman bank accounts. If he REALLY knew how to make something, he would take those millions and put them into a real business and be a billionaire.

    But no, it’s more fun collecting fees for reorganizing other people’s business once they did the hard work, and then running for office.

    Gah, he’s like Edwards but with funny underwear.

  6. Brandon says:

    Yoel, you haven’t been paying attention at all. The Republican congress had as it’s singular goal to make Mr. Obama a one term president. What that has meant is more filibusters over more innocuous as well as important things as has been made in history. I think the economy is not as bad as everybody thinks it is. I think if that were the case, the stock markets would not have doubled from the time Mr. Obama was elected. Because of the way the Republicans have behaved there has been no opportunity to create jobs. The first stimulus package did work but had it been have as large as it was, there would have been the creation of jobs rather than the simple saving of jobs. by the way, he is shrinking the deficit already. A deficit that in no way belongs totally to him. Bush put two wars, and health and education initiatives on credit cards. Mr. Obama actually put those things on the record. I contend that one of the reasons this has been a jobless recovery is because, Mitt Romney and company have made their money not by creating anything but charging fees and shipping jobs overseas. Nothing Mitt Romney has ever done has ever helped anybody but Mitt Romney. If he had the kind of empathy the presidency requires, he wouldn’t have bankrupted so many companies by bleeding them dry or closed so many companies to send them overseas in order to make more money. Mitt Romney is a disease.

  7. Lisa M says:

    Ok, so politics aside, just as a cartoon I didn’t understand it on its face. I wasn’t sure who “He” was, for one thing. After I read that it was the son, I looked for signs of that and only then did I notice the diploma. Otherwise, I thought it was her out-of-work husband. But why would the son be the reason Obama would lose anyway? Or maybe “He” isn’t the son – maybe “He” is Romney? And also – the son is supposed to be sad because he can’t find a job, but it looks like he’s crying over Big Bird.

  8. Jack H. says:

    Yoel Judowitz wrote:
    “…Close family member #3 who went to back to law school at age 36, graduated at the top of his class last year, and has been forced into private business because NOTHING is available!…”

    What’s wrong with going into private business? You want #3 to fill a governmental position? Romney and his lying buddy Ryan are against government!

    As far as you and your friends cartoonists struggling in your profession to find jobs are concerned… I am sorry but you are going to struggle for a longer time… any cartoon that needs a one paragraph explanation is a reject as far as I am concerned. The day the New Yorker will print explanation like you did for this one, is the day I will cancel my 25+ years subscription. Sorry to deliver bluntly the truth but I believe you should quit now and concentrate and what others think you are good at.

    We are lucky to have Barack Obama, a president with a a long term vision for America, at the helm for this country. Let’s give him another four years and avoid at all cost to have a man to claim to love America but keep his US earned money in other countries, and is going to give us a third war (with Iran this time around) paid on credit card again, financed by communist China.

    I found it simply astounding that having fought against communism for so long THE most capitalist country in the world is relying on communists to pay for wars. Thank you Mr. Bush and cronies!!

    The message for this election is crystal clear: “2012 – Omitt Romney!”

  9. anton says:

    Mitt Romney has no plan to create jobs other than to get himself elected! His theory is that Companies will start hiring as soon as he is elected because they feel more confident! And to help things along he will cut the taxes of very rich people so they create more jobs! Please think through this and decide whether this is a reliable plan to create jobs in America? Or anywhere else? Romney certainly does not believe in Government creating jobs. In fact he wants to reduce Government jobs. If your son was working in the Auto Industry he would still have a job today thanks to Government intervention. Obama certainly has plans. That is the complaint of the Republican party – that he has too many plans! Considering that you have a PAC I suspect your column is part of the disinformation campaign funded by the Koch brothers and other billionaires out to delude the American voter and milk the country dry!

  10. herje says:

    you are mistaken and you expose your sources when you repeat right wing talking points like “community organizer” and “didn’t focus on jobs but passed healthcare legislation that we didn’t need.”

    here are the facts: Obama’s first bill was for equal pay for equal work (sort of a job’s bill). His second bill was the stimulus which was a jobs bill and was successful. We can debate it in more detail later if you like. Next he saved Detroit which was a jobs bill and saved over a million jobs.

    Then he passed healthcare which is a jobs bill of sorts. It is not only important for individual health and wellbeing, but it is good for the economy. You see now you are free to pursue new jobs and not be tied to some dead end job because of losing coverage, if you choose. No pre-existing exclusions, children covered until 26 years old, no lifetime limits, policies can’t be cancelled, Medicare more solvent by eliminating $715 billion in waste, Medicare cheaper because more covered drug coverage and on and on. Also, you and I have been paying through our insurance premiums for the uninsured, a tax of sorts. Now ObamaCare is forcing everyone to take responsibility for themselves. Also, there should be less chronic illness and therefore a more productive workforce. also, nobody will go bankrupt because of illness (the number 1 cause of personal bankruptcy) so they can continue to work or spend money on education or drink sugary drinks (it is still America.)

    Then he tried to pass his jobs bill. But by then the republican congress caught on that Obama started being successful and since they only want him to be a one term president, they continued to filibuster and prevent any bills that might help the country. rooting against your country, hardly American, hardly Patriotic. In the past, most major bills were bipartisan, but republicans want this president to fail.

    Lets talk about Mitt’s laser focus on jobs. First, he saved the Olympics in 2001. He did this with a $1.5Billion subsidy from the US gov’t. The most ever paid for an Olympics and your tax dollars! In other words a loan that he didn’t have to pay back. Lets look at Bain. Almost every deal, whether successful or not, involved borrowing lots of money and paying himself and Bain large bonuses whether the company was successful or not. Almost every deal involved creating significant debt. Is that the formula he will use to create more jobs here. Also when he was successful, e.g., Staples, I have my doubt that there was a net increase in jobs. How many small business stores went out of business because they could not compete w Staples. Of course he pioneered outsourcing jobs to China. He wanted Detroit to go bankrupt. He wanted all foreclosures to “hit bottom”.

    Oh, and by the way, Bain had to be bailed out by the FDIC. What do you think about that? (Did you know that?) I can provide the link if you need it.

    So when it comes to jobs, education, the future, national security (yeah, he nailed Bin Ladin–remember Mitt said he wouldn’t move heaven and earth for just one man–remember that) its Obama by a mile.

    Remember, businesses today are sitting on top of more cash than before the crash, why would cutting more taxes at the top and giving more cash to these big businesses create more jobs. Think about it.

    If you like to discuss these facts any any other, I’m available. Emphasis on facts.

  11. Anthony says:

    Based on your own crass self-deception about Mitt Romney’s virtues, including as a so-called “job creator”, and about the state of the economy before Obama took office, I don’t expect an honest answer out of you, however much you may claim to be honest. But looking over your Zionist client list, I have to wonder how much of your loathing for President Obama, and zeal to get a Republican elected, truly has to do with the notion that a Republican president will be “better for Israel”–that is, better for West Bank expansionism and our going to war with Iran to make Bibi Netanyahu feel better at night–than a moderate Democrat. The same feeling that has animated the billionaire Sheldon Adelson, who has no discernible political interests except for Zionism and for union-busting in his casinos, to pledge tens of millions of dollars of his spare cash to get Gingrich, then Romney, into the White House.

    Health care isn’t and wasn’t a “marginal partisan issue”. The model of U.S. healthcare delivery (one-sixth of our economy, hardly a “marginal” subject) is badly broken and creates personal disasters and tragedies all over the country, every day of the year. It has been growing steadily worse. No other country in the developed world has chosen to emulate the (inefficient, incredibly expensive, historically accidental) way WE have been doing it–not your precious Israel, for example, where participation in the national healthcare system is universal, mandatory, and heavily government-subsidized. And effective, too, in providing Israel with the fourth-best life expectancy (for the Jewish majority, at any rate) in the world. It features a mixture of public and private institutions, just like Romneycare (later renamed Obamacare) did.

    Passing an inadequate, but still long overdue, federal health care law didn’t have to have turned into a brutal political war that polarized public opinion, took over a year, and wound up absorbing so much of the Obama administration’s time, energy, and political capital at the low point of the Bush recession. Republican politicians, their corporate paymasters from private industry and right-wing think tanks, and the nexus of right-wing Republican hate-mongers in the echo-chamber right-wing media, like your fellow Romney backer (how’s it feel?) Rush Limbaugh, made it into one. Cynically so, for political motivations, to a very large extent: I quote Jim Demint, far-right Republican power broker in the Senate, who said publicly that if his party could only wreck the president’s health care initiative, “it would be his Waterloo!”

  12. Stephen Reed says:

    Before one assesses the job of President Obama vs the prospect of a Romney presidency, one has to consider 1) whose policies put us in the incredible hole we’ve been digging out of for the past 4 years 2) what was the nature of that hole and the prospects for any quick fixes 3) what history tells us about economic recovery from deep recession/near depression. If you go back to the the Great Depression and look at how long it took this country to get out of that hole, it is hard to fathom how anyone can find fault with the pace of our recovery this time around. And why would anyone think that Romney’s policies, which in all major respects are identical to those of the Bush Administration, would have any better results? That just doesn’t make any sense at all. And we haven’t even discussed issues of women’s health, healthcare in general, SS and medicare, foreign policy, etc. etc. I really cannot see how Romney presents an even thinkable alternative to Obama.

  13. jay says:

    Great cartoon. I hope it spreads around.
    The bottom line is that Obama believes a group of people at the top can make better decisions for others than they can make for themselves. This results in government controlling health, business, markets, oil, large and small industry, and pretty much anything it can lay its hands on.
    You and I, however, believe that people can do it. America is the great experiment precisely because its success or failure lies in the hands of the people. Freedom means the ability to succeed, but also the ability to fail. A vote for Romney equals a vote for self-belief. A vote for belief in others. A vote for belief in this great American experiment.

  14. Thanks for the support Jay.

    I will continue to battle over 1000 NYT viewers with 1 hand, and still have my other hand and 99 percent of my brains available to draw.

    I am somewhat in shock of how strong a reaction a simple spontaneous cartoon elicits, just because it makes a simple point that moms will vote for Romney because he will be better for the economy.

    My only explanation is that there is a panic among liberals because they know there are many women who agree with me, (as the recent polls suggest) and it’s driving them hopping, spitting, mad. They know the election will probably come down to that demographic.

    IMHO It’s the Swing State Moms who voted for Obama last time and might switch this time around, out of frustration and pain over what is happening to their families, that will decide this election. It’s different when it hits home.

    That is exactly the point and power of this cartoon. Number 1, to clearly identify the demographic. Number two, to present the real reason I believe they are making the switch.

    They know I hit the nail directly on the head.

    ( and no I don’t claim that this belongs in the Louvre, you can see my portfolio page for my serious art)

  15. Melanie Branham says:

    What planet did this cartoon go to. I see a coup,e of reasonable comments, but most are of the belief that we didn’t increase our debt by 6 trillion dollars in the last 3 plus years, that we didn’t use tax payer money to allow a government to invest in green energy projects that went bankrupt, that there aren’t twice as many people on food stamps as in 2007, that we haven’t been given the transparency promised and that we currently know nothing about what killed Mexicans and a border patrol agent in Fast and Furious, that we still don’t know what happened in Benghazi, tat the only Religion being protected is Islam, that we are allowing babies to die that survived an abortion into 3rd term, that women are more dependent on a president offering free birth control than one offering jobs, that Obamacare is taking from Medicare and still forcing businesses to close because they can’t afford the fees, that household incomes have dropped by $4000 per year, that the unemployment rate is higher than when he took office…where would any of you for Obama like to start? What FACTS do you have that Romney won’t be a good President. How about any off these: he gave all of his inheritance to charity, that he started from scratch after graduating from Harvard (records unsealed) and went into business becoming a successful millionaire, creating businesses that gave jobs to thousands, that he worked unpaid as the church pastor for 10 years and helped many people and they have come forward because he doesn’t believe in promoting his charitable works, that he saved the Olympics in Utah and they netted 100 million dollars for the city, that he left Massachussetts with a surplus after starting with a deficit and actively sought out women for cabinet posts, becoming number 1 in the nation. Just a few things. You people don’t quote facts about him. Liberals just hate success unless every penny goes straight to the government so it can waste it on the administrations whims and increase dependence as opposed to self reliance. So now, tell me…are you better off than you were 4 years ago? Because I’m not. I’m mad as hell. And I understood the cartoon. You feminists out there want government to take care of you now? What the heck happened. Do you know that Obama pays less to his women on both the Whitehouse staff and his campaign? Do your research and stopped repeating what you’ve heard. Oh, an Chicago teachers union. Shame on them. Poor education standards and the highest pay in the country but they don’t want to get graded themselves. So sad. They really care about the children.

  16. rel says:

    Obama is the worse thing to ever happen to America. I only hope Romney’s election is in time to save us.

  17. Katie says:

    Yoel, I completely agree with you. I graduated last year with an MBA from an ivy league school, and I and over 50% of my class have yet to find a job. And yes my Mom and Dad are not happy I’m crashing their “empty nest party”. I don’t like to play the blame game but how can one not hold Obama responsible for the situation we face. Thousands of young, motivated ambitious capable Americans like myself simply can’t find a job!! Business 101: if a CEO of a public company does nothing but lose share holder money for 4 years straight, he’s a goner (see Vikram Pandit). It’s only logical to demand change!!

  18. Lori says:

    Forgive me for saying so, but you people supporting and defending Obama are INSANE and are soooooooo off the mark in every way, shape and form – you really all have no clue. Obama is taking this country down a path that will be devastating, and there will be no recovery or return – I cannot BELIEVE how blind you all are, you are brainwashed into a freakish Obama cult and misinformed in EVERY way possible. If you care about this country in ANY WAY, you will NOT LET THAT MAN GET RE-ELECTED, END OF STORY!!!! You should all be terrified of your future and your childrens’ if he wins this election, the United States of America will NEVER be the same again….

  19. hillplus says:

    I AM that mother! I have three kids in college. I am voting for MITT ROMNEY!!!

  20. OpticSeagull says:

    I’m a Canadian to add my outsider insight to what’s happening in America and in these posts. We all wish we could vote because what’s good for you is generally good for us. I am apalled at the sensationalist garbage you’re forced to watch on CNN and fox news. Although, it’s really entertaining for us too. It makes sense to me that most people look at changes that Obama was able to make and see them as positive. I have not heard one factual statement from a Republican view. I used to think all politics were just moronic head games, playing cops and robbers for fun, dressing up human beings into red and blue shirts and assuming a template for a set of view points.. and i was right. Now i see that it’s the common sense Democrats vs. the buck wild crazy Republicans. They are insane. I look into Romney’s beedy little eyes and i fear for what an amoral, profiteering, two faced, stiff looking business man could do to this world and what he’ll let others do for his personal agenda. He doesn’t care about anything. I, and many, have watched the “Obama Deception”. I still think Obama is the lesser of two evils. The main argument from Republicans is that the economy was not fixed, as supported in the Obama Deception. This makes perfect sense because you’ll be using the same argument against Romney if he is president. I think basically if anything is wrong, you’ll blame whoever’s in charge. There’s no need for a Republican to look beyond his nose. There’s not further objects a Republican can focus on while so cross-eyed angry at not being in power. I think the cartoon is fine and wouldn’t criticize Yoel’s talent. I just didn’t hear anything factual come from the Republicans, only the Democrats. No matter what happens you’ll all be in the dark ages until you get socialized health care. We all love it and are basically laughing at you for not even knowing what it’s like to get your fingers sewed on for free, or an appendix removed, or anything, for the low cost of just paying taxes. Ridiculous. You guys are nuts!

    • OpticSeagull says:

      Correction: I DID read factual arguments from pro-Romney’s. I hate being wrong like that. I really appreciate pro-Romney opinions, but how much of what Obama is dealing with is collateral damage from the previous 8 years? i have more faith that Obama will try harder or is a nicer guy atleast. Romney won’t even be able to “see” the problem without a moral compass.

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