Illustration Friday – Yield Hamsa Sign

illustrated hamsa yeild Sign

This is my illustration for this weeks Illustration Friday theme “Yield.”

Maybe, if our signs were nicer, people would actually listen once in a while.

Click on image for detail. Created in Adobe Illustrator.

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2 Responses to Illustration Friday – Yield Hamsa Sign

  1. Rebecca says:

    Nice design, and I like this idea, as well. Wouldn’t it be lovely if our street signs were all beautifully-designed? I’m not sure if there would be more adherence to the laws of the road, but it certainly would make long drives much more pleasant. 🙂

    • Thank You.
      It is interesting think about. Perhaps there is more wiggle room between safety/clarity and design in public signage than they make it out to be. Maybe road signs are not the best place to start. What about street signs? As long as they are clearly legible why shouldn’t they have some personality. There are many other opportunities.

      Why should the public sign be the most unaesthetic element of any random outdoor photo?

      I checked out your site. As an art teacher I am amazed at what you are doing with your students. Great work.

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