Hurricane Irene and the Siberian Weasel

It’s 3:00 in the morning and you can’t sleep from the hurricane. What do you do?

Well, in my case the answer was clear; whip out the Siberian weasel. Not just any weasel and not just any part of the weasel. Specifically, the tail hairs of the Kolinsky, a Siberian weasel that  is used to make the finest watercolor brushes on earth.

Here is a picture of my little friend:

I  recently ordered a #4 kolinsky brush from the Raphael company to be used for inking, and I had been looking forward to giving it a try. What better time to sit down with a little piece of Siberia, Super Black Speedball ink ,and Vellum Bristol paper, than 3 in the morning with the wind howling around me and the wicked witch of the west about to appear outside my studio window.

Here are  some of the guys who showed up:

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  1. shver says:

    some emotinal rosh hashana scenes would be nice from the jewish artist. not dip the apple in the honey

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