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 Yoel Judowitz is one of a few professional Orthodox Jewish illustrators. He has been drawing and creating art for as long as he can remember. He also writes articles and stories for several publications.

Since the opening of his art studio, YJ Studios LLC., Yoel, and a team of talented artists working under his direction, have illustrated popular books for children and adults, created art for educational  programs, and designed successful packaging and product lines for major Judaica companies.

The YJ Studios team have also worked on varied art and design projects ranging from custom stained glass windows, to maps, games, posters, plush dolls, and much more.

YJ Studios' artwork combines traditional and digital techniques, using the latest industry standard technology to create vivid and imaginative illustrations with a human touch. Yoel and his team of highly professional artists are able to complete work quickly and efficiently in a variety of styles.

Yoel is the lead artist for Spotlight Magazine, creating compelling cover art, as well as writing and illustrating comics, features, and stories. He also writes and illustrates, An Artist's View, a monthly column for Yated Ne'eman newspaper.

Perfect for individuals, companies, and media/design firms in need of custom illustration.

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