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Yoel Judowitz with some of his friends

Bio: Yoel Judowitz is one of a few professional Orthodox Jewish illustrators. He has been drawing and creating art for as long as he can remember.

Since the opening of his art studio, YJStudios Inc., Yoel has illustrated books for children and adults including, "My Friend the Bully," and "MiddosMan." He has created art for educational and school programs, and designed new packaging and product lines for several major Judaica companies. Yoel has also worked on art and design projects such as technical and patent illustration, clothing design, custom stained glass windows, murals, games, interactive features, advertising, marketing, product development, and more. He has also given art classes to hundreds of children throughout the New York area.

Yoel’s artwork combines traditional and digital techniques, using the latest industry standard technology to create vivid and imaginative illustrations with a human touch. Together with a team of highly professional artists working under his direction he is able to complete work quickly and efficiently in a variety of styles.

Perfect for individuals, companies, and media/design firms in need of custom illustration.

Being a Jewish illustrator gives Yoel the unique skills necessary to create authentic and natural-looking Jewish children's books and products. However, he is not limited to Jewish clients and he has created art and illustration for all types of clients and needs.

At home, Yoel is married and is the proud father of three wonderful children. He divides his time between teaching, creating art, and helping his daughter build the world’s highest tower of blocks.

To stay up to date with news, works-in-progress, and most recent illustrations, visit Yoel’s website, www.yjstudios.com, and Yoel's blog www.yjstudios.com/blog which is updated regularly.

Clients include: Spotlight Magazine, Feldheim Publishing, Israel Book Shop, Judaica Press, Mishpacha Magazine, Chabad.org, Beth Medrash Govoha, Ohr Somayach International, JEP, Corpowrit Media, Dynagrafik Design, Javen Design, Lettera Graphics and Printing, Lighthouse Productions, Tuvia's Judaica, Aviv Judaica, Zion Judaica, Kinderblast, Kunda Productions, Yeshiva Bais Hachinuch, Camp Maaravah, Torah Academy for Girls, and Entech Boilers.