SpotLight for Kids Magazine Issue 2 art

I’m happy to report that the new SpotLight for Kids magazine did very well with their first issue. Here’s the art for the coming one. It shows a family cleaning the house for Passover where we get rid of all unleavened bread and bread products. It is at a somewhat lower res than real thing with a placeholder title. The actual cover will be cropped to make the house bigger so more details are seen) Last chance for changes…I love doing the “what’s wrong with this picture” version which goes on the back cover – so much fun!

cover sketch 2 magazine 2 whats wrong comic month 2

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6 Responses to SpotLight for Kids Magazine Issue 2 art

  1. Miriam Stern says:

    Love your magazine. Do you have a Chanukah edition?
    The children loved the Tishrei one.

  2. Chaya says:

    how can I subscribe to Spotlights for Kids. thanks.

  3. Rivka Indig says:

    Whats the candle cards

  4. Yocheved says:

    Is this magazine still in publication? If so what is the cost and for how many issues and how would one subscribe? Thanks!

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