Pharaoh Bloomberg Cartoon Caricature

pharoah bloomberg cartoon

I made this caricature of King Bloomberg a while ago. Funny how it has a “Pharaoh” like feel to it.

This has suddenly become an issue when an honorable heckler called the mayor “Pharaoh,” causing City Council Speaker Christine Quinn to walk out of a press conference. (see  the NYT  article)

Is he a Pharaoh?

Well, if his underlings are so scared of him that they have to walk out of a public meeting because some commoner  had the audacity to heckel “his majesty” then  I guess he is somewhat Pharaoh like.

Not to mention that he basically wrapped the entire NYC in parking tickets. Almost like an embalmed mummy when you think about it.

Here is the image I based it on:


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2 Responses to Pharaoh Bloomberg Cartoon Caricature

  1. jay says:

    great caricature

  2. Katie says:

    Great carciture. Well done, and so timely. He really is a paroh in every way. I linked this 2 my Facebook page, we gotta get this 2 go viral it’s too good.

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