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Find Danny and Dina Chanukah Game

I had a great time creating this game. I created it for, the world’s most popular Jewish website which averages several million hits each month. Go to to play the interactive version and see a speed video of how it was created.

I am fortunate to have been able to collaborate with the exceptionally talented and dedicated people who run that website.

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Happy Chanukah to all!!!

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3 Responses to Interactive Hanukkah – Chanukah Game for

  1. Chanah says:

    I really liked this game! It is really cool. Thank you! I saw a picture of you in the game.

  2. Miri C, says:

    What a wonderful Chanukah game that is so creative and fun.

  3. abe kugielsky says:

    wow amazing..
    so creative. +++++
    keep up the good work.

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