What does a Tzfat road and a swirly beard have in common?

If the swirly path that I began traveling, inspired by Rebbe Nachman’s stories, leads anywhere,
its certainly leads to this neighborhood: Tzfat, Israel.

Tzfat is a kaleidoscope of jumbled, “looking glass” streets adorned with marks of deep blue and flashing white, nested on a small rocky mountaintop. Rebbe Nachman’s  fantastic characters would be right at home here and it is easy to imagine meeting one just around the next bend. The battle between simple joy and twisted darkness that runs through the Rebbe’s stories seem as palpable and real as the interplay of light and shadow on the worn cobblestone streets. This is Breslov country, no doubt.

The sketch above is based on a photograph taken by a friend of mine during a walking tour. I was immediately struck by the back and forth of the lines and shadow. I pushed the effect further almost as if I would’ve applied a Photoshop filter to the image. If it swirls, I’m there.

I can’t seem to get enough of swirls, here are more, some in rather unlikely places:

p.s. you can see the tree picture here that I posted on I.F. ( I know it has a typo Tehillim has an extra yud by mistake and it is not 1:1 this was an old version)


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  1. Love the swirls in unlikely places. The drawings of the two men with swirls are outstanding. Keep up the great work!

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